Armand Behar, born in France in 1963, is an artist who has been devoting himself to creating one
and the same work since the beginning of the decade that started in 2000 : Histoire d’une représentation.
In line with this plan, each of the pieces he has meted out in the course of exhibitions takes shape as an
advance clue to this imaginary fresco. Like that, through the various formats it may take, he sets out to
question the conditions of appearance of the work, as much as the status it will be conferred by the various
contexts it will be led to go through in time. The first part of this unending work orbits round a structure,
the Centre de transfert, in the shape of an active platform for the production of works of art. Since 2008,
Armand Behar has been working his way through a second part, the images of an imaginary projection
where the landscapes and configurations summon up contemporary issues, using the artifice of futurology :
issues that in everyday life activate the connections that are filtered and sometimes distorted by the prisms
of reality, image and collective belief.

Support by Galerie Patricia Dorfmann